From Trinidad & Tobago…


White Rum, from TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.

This is a festive rum “par excellence” and emblematic of these small islands in the English West Indies. It’s all a mass of the light, warmth and sweetness of the tropics. It’s also an invitation to dream, to travel around the islands of the Caribbean Sea. Very aromatic and long on the palate, it is an exceptionally high quality base for the best cocktails.

Tasting notes :

Visual appearance : The Rum is colorless, transparent and limpid.  We notice a beautiful brightness and abundant legs that is a sign of good viscosity.

Nose: Broad and sweet fruity aromas, small pastry notes that change delicately into herbaceous and slightly floral. Moreover, the Rum has a very good aromatic persistence.

In the mouth : The notes unveiled on the nose are found in the mouth. They are enhanced by a discreet banana taste and a delicate apricot finish. The effective duration of taste and aroma is particularly present while expressing a great purity.

This white rum is particularly original because it brings a complexity of aromas and flavors worthy of the greatest amber rums.


Like our vodka, whne the bottle of Frederico Rum is plunged in a darkness  atmosphere and subjected to black light, it reveals its iconic visual.

All production is done in Cognac (France).

Product developed with Bertrand Auriol – Master Blender


Ces deux îles proches du Vénézuela, forment un seul et même état.

Elles ont été découvertes par Christophe Colomb lors de son 3e voyage, puis sont passés sous drapeau anglais.

Elles sont une destination touristique incontournable.

Leur climat chaud et humide favorise la culture de la canne à sucre de haute qualité.

On y trouve de très nombreuses distilleries qui produisent des Rhums d’excellente qualité.